Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Does NeedleTape® contain latex?

A:  No, NeedleTape® does not contain latex and is manufactured in a latex free environment.

Q:    Is NeedleTape® hypoallergenic?

A:  Yes, NeedleTape® medical adhesive tapes and inks are hypoallergenic.

Q:    Is NeedleTape® reusable?

A:  No, NeedleTape® is intended for single use only.

Q:    Is NeedleTape® sterile?

A:  NeedleTape® currently does not offer sterile products.

Q:    Is NeedleTape® available in different sizes?

A:  Yes, currently there are three sizes appropriate for use in various healthcare settings, see Product Catalog.

Q:   My patients are older with sensitive skin, does NeedleTape® offer paper tape or other tape for sensitive skin? 

A:  Yes, NeedleTape® recognizes that different patients have varying tolerances to medical tape. NeedleTape® offers several paper tape options suitable for  patients with sensitive skin, see Product Catalog.

Q:    Does NeedleTape® guarantee that it will prevent unintended needlesticks?

A:  No, NeedleTape® does not make such claims, however NeedleTape® in conjunction with other safety devices and safety protocols may have the potential to help reduce needlesticks.

Q:    Where can I learn more about needlestick safety and prevention?

A:  There are many resources available to the public surrounding this issue including from OSHA, CDC and other medical associations.  For a compilation of these resources visit our Advocacy page. 

Q:    What are unintended needlesticks are why are they a problem?

A:  Needlesticks are defined as unintentional injuries resulting from the puncturing of skin by a needle or similar sharp object during the placement, removal or disposal of needles utilized in healthcare settings. Needlesticks are a problem because healthcare workers are at risk of contracting serious and potentially life threatening diseases through bloodborne pathogens present in human blood, such as HIV, various forms of Hepatitis, and other diseases due to these injuries.

Q:    What are bloodborne pathogens?

A:  Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include HIV, Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) among others.

Q:    Where can I purchase NeedleTape®

A:  NeedleTape® is available for purchase directly through Marea Enterprises Inc. Customer Service toll free at 877-848-0430, or through our distributor network. Contact us for further information. Send inquiries via email to or submit an inquiry through our Contact Page


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